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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tips and Trends Tuesday: Diaper Cakes: A True Art.

Okay...I'm going to say it...virtually out loud...I am not a fan of diaper cakes.  Not that I don't think they aren't fun or creative, it just seems that in order to pull on off, it needs to be pretty amazing.  I have seen enough poorly done cakes that leads me to believe that crafting a diaper cake is a true art and should be left to those who know what they are doing.

So, in order to win back your graces in spite of my snobby attitude, I wanted to share with you some of those artist that I have found that truly rock the diaper cake (as funny as that sounds) and any baby shower would be blessed to have them in their graces:)

SWEET Diaper Cake Duo(TM) Includes Matching Cupcakes

Baby Sweet Treats

Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake Video and PDF

Topsy Turvy Diaper Cakes

ABC Bath Time Boutique Style Diaper Cake

Chubby Cheeks Baby Cakes

Boys Diaper Cake in Grey and Blue

Baby 2 Be Nashville

Diaper Cake Adorable Topsy Turvy Style

Baby Blossom Co

3 Layer - Duckens Silly Stripes Duck Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Rubber Ducky Baby

CUSTOM Baby Diaper Cake - Perfect Baby Shower Gift or Centerpiece - MTO

Gina Marie Creative

Cusotm Diaper Cakes

Megs Baby Love

See you soon!