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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Animal Crackers Exclusive: Down on the Farm Baby Shower

I loved putting together this "Down on the Farm" baby shower for my little sister.  The theme was a no brainer since she is a true blue country girl. I can't take all the credit for this one, my ever so talented mother had an equal hand.

These little baskets were perfect for the veggies!

I tied the napkins and utensils with pages from vintage childrens' farm books.

 Little piggy planter doubles as a mini fork holder.

 Centerpiece for the kids table was given to the mommy-to-be for her nursery decor.
 Farm books were also used as tags for the gifts.

 cupcakes and wrappers that doubled as sunflowers

 Table centerpieces
 favors were "baby Braden tulip bulbs" for guests to plant now.

 vintage farm books were used as decor on the tables.

 Baby Braden's older cousins...he's gonna have his hands full with this group of girls!
 Vintage farm toys were used as decor.
 Farm print that will also hang in the nursery.

 Gifts for Games

See you at the next party!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animal Crackers Exclusive: Maddie's Barbie Party!

I had a ton of fun with this Barbie Party!  Maddie LOVES Barbie..so this was a no brainer!

I tried to be simple for her party.  I have been accused of giving the kids too much junk at parties, which they cannot possibly eat all of.  So..I added applesauce and animal crackers:)

I found these super cute plates at Target and decided to use them as the back drop.  I used barbie movie dvd images in the center. Some of Maddie's favorite Barbies helped with the decor. 

 Banner supplies from Maria Palito

Great treat table tip!  Add circle cutouts to not so cute lids.  Quick and easy, but really add some detail to the table.

Another great tip!  These barbie tags were from the tags on the treat bags.  I just used my circle puncher to cut out the logo and then added it to wrapped candy bars.

This Barbie Cake was one of her gifts.  She BEGGED and BEGGED for it. She is sitting on the display case at our grocery store, so she sees it all the time. I told her that we were doing cupcakes instead...much to her disappointment (apparently, I ALWAYS do cupcakes).  I even got the cupcake tower out and put it on the table when she left for school.  Barbie was waiting for her when she came home!

 Powdered donuts is one of Maddie's favorite treats...so I had to have them.  I think the straws were a nice touch!





All the girls received matching stationery from Executive Creations

My ONE party store purchase...Barbie glasses!

I bought a bunch of high heels at Goodwill on .99 day.  I then primed and painted them pink.  They girls LOVED them!  I sent most of them home with the guests.  What am I going to do with 10 pairs of painted heels???

All Star Bows did these adorable bows for all the girls to wear!  They were so cute with their matching bows!

Barbie totes for treat bags!




My Barbie Girl!

See you at the party!