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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Animal Crackers Exclusive: Angry Bird Party

I have to say..when Caleb approached me with wanting to do an Angry Bird Party.. I was dreading it!  However..I had so much fun designing this party!  It is by far, one of my favorites!

For the backdrop, I just used Angry Bird Posters.  Caleb kept asking for these posters, so he was thrilled when he say me putting them up! My fabulous husband made these wonderful sling shots for the background.

I always like to use something we already have for the decor (shop in your home!!).  Caleb got this pillow for Christmas last year and thought he would look great as a centerpiece.

"birds nest" with m&m eggs!

I had to do it!  They are 8 year old boys after all!

The kids helped me make our "pigs".  This log made a perfect holder!

Thanks to Sugar and Flour for making these wonderful cookies!  These were a big hit with the boys!

Angry Bird Printables from MikMakon. I was able to tweek them by adding the blue striped background that matched the favor tags and invitation.

I used "punch ball" balloons to make the hanging Angry Birds.  They are stronger then regular balloons and blow up larger!  The "clouds" were regular latex balloons.

Found these colorful containers on sale at Michael's! I printed each name in "angry bird" font on clear label sheets.

Angry Bird Masks

Weapons and ammunition!

I made these Angry Bird Masks from colorful foam.  The kids REALLY loved these.  My kids are still wearing them!

Each guest got a sling shot.  I ordered them from Oriental Trading Company.  They played a game where they tried to shoot the "pigs" with foam balls.

Pink for the girls!!

The boys also made their own "angry birds" by painting rocks with colorful paint.  When they dried, they stuck googly eyes on them.

As Always!

Celebrate Perfectly!


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