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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips and Trends Tuesday: AC thrift store finds

A few weeks ago..I posted my fav party decor tip..thirft store shopping.  Here is the post. As promised, I wanted to post some of my thrift store finds and how I used them in my parties!

Country salt and pepper shakers for a farm party!

Found these shell vases that I used for an "under the sea" party.  They were a silver, but I spray painted them white!

These are actually Martha Stewart drink stirs.  But they count since I found them at a Goodwill!!

The skeleton fits nicely..don't ya think!

Found this little deer figurine that added an adorable accent to a "woodland" baby shower!

Look closely and the small lego table that I used for a stand I got at a garage sale!

I found this candlestick holder at a Goodwill.  It was black, but I spray painted it white and added white round discs to the top and it maked the perfect cupcake stand!  Looks like the cupcakes are dancing..don't ya think!

This is a combo of a cheap candlestick with an old plate.  Super glue and spray paint..wallaha!

These drink labels are from a vintage "Madeline" book I found at a Goodwill for.69!

Candlesticks again with pickle jars..I got this idea from pinterest, but it was not hard to find these pieces at a thrift store.

Candlestick again!

This pig planter made the perfect utencil holder at a farm party!

Celebrate Perfectly!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Tips and Trends Tuesday: Party Hats

When I am brainstorming a party, hats are usually one of the first thing that pops into my head.  I love hats and so do the kiddos!  There is nothing cuter than watching a bunch of 3 year old little boys running around the house with fireman hats at a fireman birthday party! I could go on.  But what if a hat does not fit into the theme?  Do you forgo the head accessory? NO!  Check out these custom hats I found on etsy.  I bet these shop owners can whip up a fabulous hat for any occassion.

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bayou moon

custom party hats--ROBOTS--reserved for

bayou moon

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fresh squeezed baby

Shabby Chic Birthday, Tea Party Birthday Hats 8 Party Hats

booptey Lu

Felt Party Hat - Little Giraffe

Stell and Livi