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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tips and Trends Tuesday: Candlestick Puffs

Excuse my lack of blogging last week.  With a baby shower, a wedding and 3 last minute etsy orders, the poor blog had to take a back seat. 

I have been working on designing a "cute as a button" baby shower and have been stumped the centerpieces.  My client was pretty specific and wanted a "clean and simple" piece.  She also had very specific colors: yellow, sea green and pink.  The pink and yellow are a no brainer, but the sea green was a bit tough. Until I found the PERFECT tissue paper the exact color.  Now I had to rack my brain about how to use the tissue paper in the centerpiece.  This is what I came up with!  I'm not sure what to call them...I decided on "Candlestick Puffs", but if anyone has a better name..let me know!!

I did not have time to do a tutorial with pictures, but they are pretty self explanatory.  If you know how to make a tissue paper puff, (see a great tutorial here), create a stem underneath and stick it in a painted candlestick holder.  I put some glue in the candlestick to help reinforce. 

These are so much fun and definitely be doing them again.  As you can see from the last picture, my daughter took them over and created many "displays" with them.  Wonder where she gets that from? They are now all over her room.  I guess they can come down when I need the candlesticks back!!!

Happy Celebrating!


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  1. Stephanie, those are so cute! What a great idea!