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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tips and Trends Tuesday: Thirft Store Finds

I get asked quite often what is my best party tip.  Here it is...thrift stores,  Yes, I said thrift stores.  Not craft stores or party stores, but the good ol' Goodwills!!

You can find come amazing items to add to your party decor.  I got on goodwill.com (it's like ebay, but for Goodwill) and did a quick search of items.  Here is what I found in like 2 minutes.


Most of these items were around $5.00 bidding. 

Pinned Image

Sesame Street Party

Pinned Image

Train Party

Pinned Image

Under the Sea or Beach Party

Pinned Image

do I even need to say it?? PIRATE PARTY!!

Pinned Image

You all remember this...Vintage Toy Party or Farm Party

Pinned Image

Totally am going to snag this for a Fire Truck Party

Next week, I will post some of my fabulous thrift store finds and how I used them in a party!


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